Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New reasons to love your cricut....

I love my Cricut.

I love cutting out all kinds of little add-ons for whatever project I'm working on out of exactly the paper I want. No more worrying about matching layouts to stickers or embellishments, thanks to the Cricut, I can make my own. It's so great to have something so portable and handy right in your scrapbooking room.

Now, there are a bunch of new reasons to love your Cricut....

They've just announced a bunch of new products at CHA, and I can't wait to get my hands on them:

Cricut Colours, pens that you can easily slip into your Cricut in place of the knife, which allow you to draw designs without cutting them.

Cricut Expressions , a new machine that can now cut up to 12 x 24" projects.

new Cricut cartridges , are coming out all the time so that you can add new fonts or images to your stash.

and the most exciting news is the introduction of new Cricut software that lets you design on your computer and then print or cut your designs out just by hooking up with a USB port!!

Just a few more reasons to love your Cricut.

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