Monday, October 22, 2007

Revamped Scrap Space

So, I've finally had a weekend at home to get things done and have some down time. Quite enjoyable!!

My whole house desperately needs to be fall cleaned, but I put it off for the most part, did a surface cleaning Friday because we were having company for supper, and then spent Saturday hanging out with my hubby and working on my retreat, but Sunday, I dedicated the day (or most of it) to overhauling my scrapbook room. I know, the whole house needs it, but where do I start, my little personal craft space :)

I managed to get everything stored away and tidied up and then I really got at it. I brought a new desk in (one from uni that was just sitting in the basement) and rearranged some furniture so that my scrapbooking space was layed out in an ideal manner to really get something done. I now have my sewing machine and cricut all set up on their own stands and ready to go so I don't have to constantly take them out and then put them away all the time. I also have a lot of designated table space to lay out my projects and still managed to keep my favourite tools within reach so I can just reach out and grab them.

This was a bit challenging, because my scrapbook room is actually our spare bedroom/office/scrapbook room. So, now everything is fit in and looking good, but tonight I will be decorating. I need something a little more inspiring and colourful than what we've got up there currently (Don't tell my husband, it's all his stuff).

I will try and finish it up tonight and then I'll post some pics. I will also have photos of the CSC4K projects that we did in Edmonton.

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