Saturday, January 05, 2008

Christmas shots

Well, I've finally gotten around to looking at our Christmas pictures (taken with my NEW Christmas present, a Sony Cyber-shot).

Christmas at Lorne's in Calgary with the Higginsons, Malackos, Pankonins, and Mills', which includes three big dogs, 1 little dog and a nervous cat....busy household.

You may have noticed I'm the star of the show... my hubby really liked the camera, too. Funny thing was, we both got each other point and shoot digitals for Christmas but decided that one was enough. Great minds think alike.

And the crowning glory of the family, Brad's brother, Broc singing Ice, Ice Baby. That's right. Vanilla Ice... You may want to turn off the slideshow music so you hear this, just click on the little grey volume box by the snowman.

Who needs a TV in the car when you've got Broc to entertain?


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Love it Kelly--Broc needs a produce and I love your slide show-just might have to do one myself it looks like fun