Monday, January 14, 2008

A few new projects and what moving looks like

Here are a few projects I've been working on lately.

I made this book on my scrapbooking excursion last week with the help of a Zutter Bind-It-All. I love this tool and am working out a way to make it mine....

As soon as I unpack my ink cartridges, I'm going to add calendars and make it a day planner. I also need to add riboons to all of the tags.... I'll blow everyone's plain jane boring black organizers out of the water this year!

This is an exploding gift box I made for my grandparents. I used each square to represent a grandchild and why they thought gramma and grampa were so special.

It turned out pretty well, but it kills me not to have everything on hand to embellish it...

And... the reason I really shouldn't be scrapbooking..... this is what it looks like to move....

How great is this? They returned all of our electronic items cords in a box like this....crap! I could never remember what goes where, but Brad seems to think he can. I hope so.

This is our fabulous bed.....we've since gotten our actual bed returned, so our backs are much better.

And the boxes.... gotta love all of the boxes.

The best part? The return all of our clothes on hangers, in dry-cleaning bags. My pj's have never seen it so good!


Preemie Mom said...

Love the books! I'm still trying to figure out my BIA!


The Savvy Scrapbooker said...

If you need a hand, Veronica, let me know.