Thursday, January 31, 2008

Organized at last!

Bet you all thought I meant my house was organized after the move... well, no, unfortunately, the house is still in shambles, but my life is one step closer to being organized now that my organizer is all complete (see how many fun things you can do while avoiding work).

I posted a few pics of my organizer before when it was bare bones. Here's what it looks like now. I'm quite happy with it. I think it will be functional and inspiring.

So each section is divided by my handy tab dividers and has a photo that I love or is of a special memory. Each divider has a pocket on both sides that I stuck a tag in with a quote that I like or that motivates me.

Also, there are four sections... a day-timer, layout planner, layout idea list, and a to-do list. The last three are a free download from Creating Keepsakes magazine. Very handy I must say!

Unfortunately, my organizer will not help me plan around everything that comes up...Being married to an RCMP officer doesn't lend itself to much regularity.
My hubby has been out all night and all day at a big accident here and I'm sure could use some sleep....Hopefully, he'll be able to come home soon.

Be careful on the roads if you're driving anywhere.


Maria said...

love it!!! what a great idea! :-)

Scrappy said...

That is too cute. I love the motivational tags. Can you make me one?