Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Days away....

I had such an enjoyable past two days.

I met up with my mom, aunt Rhonda, and cousin Katelyn for a day of scrapbooking. What a great day! We got a bunch of stuff done, tried some new tools, and had a great visit. Now I think next time we need an entire week set aside somewhere.....

Then, I went to visit my grandparents, who are celebrating birthdays and their anniversary this month, with my mom. We played cards and visited all night. I won't mention who won, all that matters is that we had fun.(Okay, I lost. Over and over...)

The next morning we woke up and headed out for some shopping!! My hubby met us for a bit and we came home with a ton of lute including a new washer and dryer! (Actually we didn't come home with it, but we ordered it). I feel old, but this is really exciting to me, and to Brad, who does most of the laundry.

I can't wait to get it. At the moment, everything we own is quite clean thanks to a fire and some dedicated cleaners, but give me a new washer and things might need a little extra scrub.

Tomorrow I'll post some pics of the organizer I made during our scrapathon and some other little things I'm working on.

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