Friday, March 27, 2009

Make you Laugh and Get me Ready to Create!

I love to watch the Ellen Show on my lunch breaks. Do you watch it? She cracks me up. Yesterday, they played a game for a chance to win a trip to Hawaii and it almost made me choke on my orange, I laughed so hard.

If you have a minute or two, watch these clips of the game. It's worth it!

Now that I've taken care of you, I must tell you about my fantastic plans for the weekend....


I finally have a weekend where I have absolutely nowhere to be, no one to visit, nothing happening! I will be scrapbooking folks! I've got 11 layouts lined up. Photos ready to go, sketches somewhat drawn and most of my paper picked out! Can you believe it?

I also found this great new software you can download for free, which I think I'll be playing with. Stop by shapecollage to check it out.

So this weekend, if you stop by, you will find me in my pjs, the house will be covered in paper and glue and stickers, my computer will be left on, I will have ink on my hands (and likely my face) and I will be smiling!

And what better reason to stay indoors this weekend? It's snowing.... again!

Hope you all have a scrappy weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

I really enjoy Scrapbook Savvy and the Ellen spot was very funny. You are obviously a very creative and talented person, as evidenced by your writing. Creativity is a gift that's meant to be shared. My wife is a Teacher and her artistic scrapbooking skills really help with her first graders. She's continually making and creating items for school, family and friends.

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The Creativity of your blog really inspired me. I thought that perhaps
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All the best,