Monday, November 30, 2009


Can you believe that tomorrow is December first? Hmmmmm... I really must get some shopping done. I'm not even sure what we're doing for Brad's side of the family, yet. Usually, they draw names, but I haven't heard anything. Must call and check on that. We decided not to get gifts for the Benedict side of the family this year, which is going to be hard. I love buying gifts, but we all decided that we have so much, we'll focus on spending time together instead of gifts.

I've rooted out my Christmas decorations and music and am thinking of getting a tree this weekend. Where will I put it? No idea. That's what I need to figure out. This is our first Christmas in Edmonton, so I'm still figuring out where to put things. We never put up lights in Lake Louise either brecause we lived in a two story and we didn't have a ladder and we were grinchs, I guess.... We put a string of stars in our front window and called it good. This year, we're hoping to get some more lights up.

It's also Gracie's first Christmas, so it's got to be special, even if she won't remember it. We've got to get her started in the Christmas celebrations the right way. We'll start some little family traditions of our own.

Speaking of, here's some new pictures of Miss Gracie:

And some more scrapbooking. I decided we needed a Brad and Gracie page in her scrapbook:

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Leica Forrest said...

she is sooooo beautiful! I hope you guys have an awesome Christmas! :)