Thursday, November 12, 2009

On the Move

That's right, Gracie's all ready starting to get mobile. On Monday she rolled over for the first time! She's done it a few times since. As long as she's got some motivation (ie. a toy just out of reach) she'll work and work until she rolls over. So far, just tummy to back, but she's rolled both left and right.

The funny thing is, she rolled over right after a strollercize class. I think all the moving around (on my part, she slept through the whole thing) motivated her.

I actually don't have any new pictures to share. **Gasp!** I guess the need to capture Gracie every five seconds has worn off a bit... We're heading to Hanna this weekend, so there should be some more photos for next week.

I have a few new layouts to show, though. Of course, they're all about Miss Gracie!

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