Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Gracie is growing up so fast. I think she's stretching out more lately, getting taller, instead of just getting a bigger belly.

Before, when I fed her, her belly literally stretched out over her diaper on both sides, and now, her stomach goes straight from her armpits to her hips even after a feed. The photos I'm posting may not reflect that, but she's either hidden by blankets or wearing layers, so you can't really tell.

Brad and Gracie hanging out:

My favourite jacket:

If the cute ears on her sweater didn't convince you, here's one to ensure you'll fall in love. How cute is a sleeping baby?

She's so cute, that suddenly, I can't stop using pet names when I talk to her. I always thought they were ridiculous, and now I find myself hardly ever calling her Gracie. I call her Sweetie-Pie, Cutie, Gracie-Girl, whatever pops into my head.

And it's not just me. She wins over everyone that sees her. A friend of ours stopped by to visit the other day, a young, single guy who is afraid to have only one girlfriend, let alone kids, but when she woke up from her nap, he loved her. Loved her little mitts and said, "she doesn't even look all wrinkly and alien-like." Might not sound like huge praise, but it was a pretty big step for him.

Dating someone who needs to be convinced to take the next step? Give us a call.

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