Friday, July 23, 2010

More Book Ideas

Are you all members of your local library? This may sound cheesy, but I love the library! I look up books on this site and then order them from the edmonton public library site and they show up at the library just down the street from me in no time. I keep a constant stream of books on my nightstand, and it costs $10 a year. What a deal.

If you're looking for some ideas, here are a few I've read recently:

For the scrapbooker:

52 More Scrapbooking Challenges
By Kartchner, Elizabeth

I really am enjoying this book. It's full of ideas to challenge you and open you up to new creative outlets, plus the layouts are up-to-date and feature interesting techniques. A good book for a scrapbooker.

Sharing your Story
Recording Life's Details with Mini Books

This one was all right. There were a few interesting mini-books, but I found it to be a little dated (it's an older book, so that makes sense), but usually, even in an older book there's something that pops out at me. There weren't any ideas in here that made me run for a pen and paper to sketch them out.

If you like a little more soul-searching while you read:

The Walking People
By Keane, Mary Beth

Interesting read, it reminded me of Angela's Ashes, with similar references to growing up in impoverished Ireland. I was disappointed with the ending, though... I won't say more, in case you're reading it.

The Crying Tree
By Rakha, Naseem

It was a good read, eye-opening and heart-breaking.

Quick and easy reads:

When the Nines Roll over (and Other Stories)
By Benioff, David

I find that lately, I'm reading a lot of books or stories that don't seem to have an ending. Everything I've read of his seems to end right when things get interesting. I actually didn't make it through all of the stories in this collection, because of this.

Seven Year Switch
By Cook, Claire

This was a good, quick read with lots of travel references that made me want to go surfing in Costa Rica. Mmmm... wouldn't that be nice. A little escapism, plus a decent story make this a quick and easy read for the beach, or a rainy day, which is maybe more likely if you're in Alberta this summer.

Good ol' suspense:

The Empty Chair
By Deaver, Jeffery

I always enjoy Jeffrey Deaver's books. This is one of the Lincoln Rhymes series. Forensics, backwoods moonshine country, corrupt police..... a good suspense to keep you guessing. Did you watch the Bone Collector?? He wrote that, as well. Denzel Washington played the part of Lincoln Rhymes.

Ready for a little bit of the supernatural?

Her Fearful Symmetry
By Niffenegger, Audrey

Did I turn you off by mentioning supernatural?? It's a very tamed down twist on supernatural. Sort of an intriguing look at the possibility of life after death. Niffenegger wrote The Time Traveller's Wife, which was pretty successful 5-6 years ago, and was turned into a movie. If you liked that, you'll probably enjoy this.

I'd love to hear of good books you've read recently.... A good review goes a long way with me and as you can tell, I like to read all different kinds of books.

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Meags said...

Holy you read a lot.
I have been enjoying Paulo Coelho lately - the Alchemist and The Devil and Miss Prym. They're like fables for adults - good reads with a moral.