Saturday, July 31, 2010

Early Morning Playtime

It's been so great having Brad home this past month. We go for family walks, we eat meals together, and hang out together, plus he's getting to see her grow and change so much.

While we get to spend more time together, we've also worked out a balance that lets us both enjoy Gracie time and a little leisurely sleep in.... We just alternate days of getting up with Gracie. Since she thinks sleeping in past 7 am is a waste of day, and neither of us would turn away a few extra minutes in bed, it works out well.

These are some pictures I took on one of my mornings with Gracie.

And a video of her playing, problem is, she loves the camera. She kind of stops playing and just wants to figure out what I'm doing when it comes out now. If you're paying attention, you'll see all four teeth:

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Anonymous said...

I saw all four teeth!!!! She does look grown up in those jeans. :) Only trouble is these pictures make me miss her more. :(