Sunday, July 25, 2010

A New Look

Like the changes? I thought it was time to freshen things up a bit around here. Since we've had such a wet summer so far, I thought a wet blog background was appropriate.

I tried not to change any of the navigational aspects of the blog, so hopefully, you can still find your way around.

A quick plea for votes, if you have a few minutes, check this out:

A few people from the community where I grew up nominated one of our neighbours, Day Lenfesty, in a UFA/Paul Brandt contest as a "small town hero" because of his unending work for the HandHill Community.

If you would like to vote for him go to and click on search by name - Day Lenfesty. You can then read his story and vote. Please spread the word. Day is really is a hero for our community. Thanks.

And, because you've been patient, here's another little movie of Miss Gracie. Brad taught her a new noise and she's been stuck on repeat a little the past few days.

This is just before bed, when she's debating falling asleep on the floor, but still refuses to stop with the noise... even though she's almost too tired to make it anymore. The noise usually sounds like 'la-dal-la-dal-la-dal-la.' :)

As I'm writing this, I'm wondering whether anyone besides the grandparents will be reading this anymore.... This is probably not interesting to anyone else....

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