Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First Camping Trip

We took Gracie on her first camping trip last weekend and she did pretty good. The first night was a little rough. It was really cold and she couldn't sleep, but after a car ride, she did all right. The second night, she did much better.

It was a great weekend full of friends, family, food and fun. I think we'll definitely be out camping again. This was my brother's 30th birthday celebration and I think he enjoyed it, too. He seemed to be feeling pretty good, which was good. Brandi did an excellent job of arranging things and the campground was great for a group campout.

Fun fun fun!!

Birthday boy and Jada blowing out the candles:

Cutting the Cake:

Opening Presents:

Grams and Papa with Jada and Curtis:

The Dixie Chicks:

One of many wagon rides. This time, Gracie and Ella were the riders and Katelyn was the 'puller':

The campsite:

Some of the campers:

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Meags said...

That picture of Katelyn pulling the wagon reminds me of myself at that age...only I was being forced to pull you and Ang around! lol