Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gracie's Growing Up

First off, she finally got two more teeth! She got her top two teeth last weekend, without much fuss, really. A bit crankier than usual, and a more sensitive gag reflex, but not too bad. She was a trooper!

Gracie is learning things so fast, now! I swear, at 9 months, she just started to comprehend everything. She can do something new each day. It's so fun to watch.

She's been able to clap, bump heads, and give high fives for quite awhile, but now, she can suddenly give low fives, pound it, and make it 'explode', and wave, plus she's learning new words daily and can drink from a juice box. Such a smartie!

And to prove how smart she is, here are some pictures of her squishing her face up against the gate. It cracks her up, and it looks hilarious.

She also plays peak-a-boo really well now. She doesn't even need a blankie or anything to cover her eyes. she just looks at the floor for a minute and then whips her head around to look at you and starts killing herself laughing.

Still no walking solo, but she's so close, it won't be long at all. I may need to invest in one of those little leashes...

We're home for about 5 minutes and then we're gone again, but I will post more when we get back. Sorry Grandparents, I know I've been bad at updating....

Here's a Helicopter Ride from Papa. It's blurry, but she just loves this game:

Here's a quick video of Gracie and Grams playing:

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