Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back to Gracie...

Whew, two whole days with hardly a mention of the little one.... must be a record. Of course, all of the layouts I make are about her.... still, it counts.

I thought I'd share some pics of what it looks like when it's Dad's turn to feed Miss Gracie:

Her forehead? Really? Impressive.

I'm told she did get some cereal in her mouth, but I can't be sure. She eats about a Tbsp. and a half.... looks like there's a good portion of that on her face and bib.

Since everyone is surely going through a little withdrawal, here's a video of Gracie and her dad, too. Just because it makes me laugh.

Have a good St. Patrick's Day!

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M said...

OMG That's just too cute and funny. M