Monday, March 15, 2010

Some Scrapbooking

This scrapbooking blog sure has turned into a Gracie blog......

Thought I'd post a few layouts just to make it seem like it's still my focus here.

I made this one really quick and simple. I usually start my layouts with photos and add stickers and papers and what not from there. This time, had a packet of stickers that I thought were really cute, but I was having trouble just adding them to random layouts, so I decided to make a layout, starting with stickers.

Like I said, simple, but kinda cute.

This only uses one sheet of cardstock and one sheet of Sassafras Lass paper and a package of their stickers. The neat thing about their paper is they use the skinny strip of paper along the bottom (where most companies label the paper and have their logo) to create a cute edge. It'slike a little bonus. See the cute border strip (blue and orange)? That's the piece of paper that you usually just trim off and discard.

Here's the paper I used, so you can see what I'm talking about. You may notice, the green pleated border is a strip of the back side of the polka dot paper.

This was just a layout I did, piecing together little squares in the background to look like a quilt:

Love these pictures of Gracie stretching. She used to stretch out every little muscle in her body when she woke up. So cute. Now, she wakes up with a fake cough, a fart, a few leg drops on the mattress, and a raspberry. But, this post isn't about her... right....

The funny thing about this is I was determined to use my Cricut on this layout. I saw these birds and thought they were cute, and if I changed the title to 'Stretch your wings', instead of just 'stretch' it would work. So, I cut out two bird silhouettes and glued them down, had the title all lined up and ready to go and thought, "She doesn't have wings. She's not flying away. Why should she stretch her wings?" So, I canned the title but the birds were all ready apart of the layout, so they had to stay...

Also, my friend Lacey came over for a pre-birthday supper last night, but since today's the actual day...
Happy birthday Lacey! Hope you have a good day.

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