Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gracie's New Bike

Great Grandma and Grandpa Sackett always find the best gifts for Gracie.

They got her the chair that she sat in for hours when she was little, that she still likes to play in now.

They got her the great toy that we use on her carseat which has saved us on quite a few car trips.

Last time we saw them, they got her this cute little pink bike.

We were playing with it the other night and she loves it.

That looks like a little pout, but it was just shortly before bedtime and she was still a little sick (hence the red eyes and pathetic little look - if this had sound, you'd probably hear a fake cough or two as well).

She likes to be pushed around on it and loves to press the buttons, which make sound effects and make the headlights light up.

In no time, she'll be pushing herself around. Yikes!

And, in order to limber up her muscles for that day, she's been stretching her glutes. Here's a little clip of her playing with her toes. Holy flexibility!

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