Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A day in the life

It seems like every blog I post could be titled, "so busy." Time is flying by and I honestly don't know what we're doing or what's new in our lives, but something (or perhaps, someone) is keeping us busy.

Miss Gracie will be six months old on the 19th. Can you believe that? I feel like I should still have a newborn. I just had a baby, I swear.

We try to get out for strollercise and salsababies classes and playdates, get groceries and run quick errands, I try to keep up with friends and family, and try to keep the house clean (although my standards have dropped significantly - is that a cat? nope, it's a dustball).

Every day Brad comes home and tells me about his day and I try to think of what we did.

"Nothing much, I guess." Seems like I was running all day....hmmm.

So, another day of nothing much is passing.

We started the day with a 7:15 wake up call. A smiley baby was waiting in the crib for me (luckily, it was my own - wouldn't that be a wake up call!)

I got her up, changed her, got her dressed and we headed for the kitchen. Gracie sat in her high chair licking her lips while I mixed up her cereal. After cereal, we introduced a new food -green beans, not a favourite, but she liked her applemush, so she got some nutrients.

An hour of playtime, a phone call from my mom, another diaper change, and it's time to get ready for SalsaBabies.
We're both dressed appropriately. We're both clean (for a few minutes), got everything we need in the car, Gracie's in her chair and ready to roll. Off to SalsaBabies.

Quick nap for Miss G enroute, strap a snugli on, change a diaper, transfer Gracie from the seat to the snugli, and dance and visit with the other babies and moms for an hour.

Another transfer, another nap (for her), back home for lunch.

While I'm feeding Gracie, the FedEx guy arrives with a parcel. Our doorbell doesn't work at the moment (okay, for the entire time we've lived here), but our dog is an excellent replacement. His barking makes Gracie cry, and suddenly there's milk spraying around like a sprinkler. We get ourselves organized, get to the door and sign for the package.

"Is that a cat?" he asks, pointing at one of my largest dustballs.


We're both fed, changed (me out of workout clothes, her in a new diaper), and ready for another hour of playtime.

Quick diaper change, some lullabies and snuggles and here we are at naptime. This is my time to run around and clean up, do some laundry, check emails, wrap presents, pack for the weekend, edit photos, figure out supper, book appointments, chug a cup of tea, etc. all the while hoping that she'll sleep just a few minutes longer so I can get one more thing checked off my list...

That's my nothing for the day, so far. It's 2 pm.

It sounds crazy, and it is sometimes, but I must be a little crazy, too because I kinda love it.

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