Monday, May 04, 2009

Scrapbooking Holiday

Did you all do something scrappy this weekend to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day?? Did you know that our little craft has a day to honour creativity? If you didn't, make sure you mark it down for next year and tell anyone who will listen that it's your day off! You must honour NSD and do nothing but scrapbook...

Here are a few sites that are offering giveaways or free downloads to celebrate. Good luck if you choose to enter any contests!

A great prize to be won from Scrapbook and Cards Today

Freebies from Creating Keepsakes

Memory Makers Giveaway and free downloads

Unfortunately, I wasn't home to celebrate the big day, but I made up for it a bit on Sunday. Here are a few of my more recent layouts:

I took these photos in a shadowy room, which kind of helps you see some of the folding I did. To add some dimension or even just show off a double sided sheet of paper, folds can be a really easy, quick technique.

In the fairy tale life layout, I simply folded over an edge of double sided paper. Pretty simple, but it highlights the rub-ons in the top corner and gives a little different look than the usual straight edged or rounded corners.

In the Old Town layout, I folded a border to add dimension. Still easy, just takes a few seconds longer.

Simply score four lines in your border piece (the distances between scored lines can vary depending on how you want it to look) and fold. I started with a four inch wide border and scored my first line 1 inch from the edge, then another one cm away. I folded the paper on the first line like you would a card, and then folded the second line back on top of itself. Do this with the other side and voila! Done.

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