Thursday, May 28, 2009

More painting in my future

I have big plans this weekend to do some more house painting, before I get too tired and busy with summer events.

I painted our downstairs bathroom a few weeks ago and it turned out very bright! Like, need to blink to adjust your pupils when you walk in, I'm looking for suggestions on how to dull it down a bit (preferably without repainting the whole room). So, I'll be off to Home Depot to look into solutions. Perhaps, I'll just hang a big mirror and some pictures and get a little dresser and try to hide as much of the walls as I can. Maybe that will work.

I also have to paint the baby's room sometime before baby arrives, which seems much more appealing than repainting a bathroom. I have a plan, but need to get some paint and figure out exactly how I'll do it.

And, one day, we're going to have a garage sale, so I can get rid of the junk we've been moving from place to place for years... one day. Oh wait, if you're in the area, I mispoke.... it's not junk.... just things we don't use. You should come by when I have the sale and pick up some things!

This week, I've really had the mojo flowing thanks to the inspiration at Just Cre8. My hands have been permanently stained with ink since their crop started.

Here are four layouts that I made based on a 'recipe' that they posted. All you need is four pieces of patterned paper and four pieces of cardstock as backgrounds and you can make all of this:

Of course, I added some embellishments, but it's nice not to have scraps leftover and it's an easy way to do four layouts at once.

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