Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Guess what???

I just got back from our second ultrasound. The baby was a bit more cooperative, this time, so I got a good look at Baby Malacko.

And ....... we're having a

Baby Girl!!!!

I'm so excited! We got some pictures of the new addition and got to see the baby again. It just makes it more real each time I see the baby or hear the heartbeat or feel a little kick or squirm. She was really active during the ultrasound. The tech kept laughing because he had to 'catch' her!

I can't wait to meet the little one!

Here are a few shots of her:

A close up of the legs and the face looking straight at you.

Profile of the baby

A profile (top, right you can see the face)

Giving the peace sign.....

A little downward dog (see the bum top left and the spine running to the right?) Apparently, baby likes the yoga class....


Aimee D. Grenier said...

This is AWESOME news!! Congrats Kelly!! I am so happy for you!!

Lisamariemlt said...

what a wonderful joy it must be
we have a few pics and wish I had more
your's are so clear
congrats congrats and congrats

sooooo do you have any names picked out
thinking of you and hugs
how exciting things must be
if only you lived closer lol
the things I could give you that my girlie how grew