Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More layouts

So, the sun is out... even though there's frost on my deck from last night, it may be a nice day today. Fingers crossed.

Yesterday, Bailey and I walked in freezing rain/snow that stung the face. Yuck!!! What happened to May flowers?

Here are a few more Europe layouts. I gathered all of the photos I had left and divided them into pages.. only about 30 or so more that I'd like to make. Sigh.
I'll keep plugging away and hopefully get caught up.

This is another one of us in Dubrovnik's Old Town. It still needs some journaling, and I might add to it later, still not sure if I'm done with this one.

And, the Mouth of Truth.... This was outside a little church in Rome. The story is, if you are thought to be telling a lie, you must place your right hand in the mouth of the monument and tell your story. If it's a lie, it will snap closed on your hand. Yikes!

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