Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chinese Martha Stewart

I love baking and Gracie is such a big help, I thought we'd stay home from strollersize this morning and get some Christmas baking done!

Here's my Primo egg cracker, preparing for a pitch.....

And, Bam! into the bowl it goes!

Oh yes, and she's wearing a toque for phase one of this production...

Preparing to roll out the dough...
(Note: she is now wearing her apron and no toque) 

 The flour is good and spread...

I actually get dough!!

Who needs the rolling pin now that there's dough?

 Hands are so much better!

Now that I cleared the whole morning to make cookies, I doubled the recipe. 

Might as well make lots, I thought.... Gracie loves making cookies, I thought.... nope. Today, she didn't have the patience. I made 8 dozen freakin' sugar cookies and she stayed for 6.... Not 6 dozen. 
Six cookies.

Luckily, she had tons of new toys to distract her, so I cracked through the rest by myself while she played. With just two batches left, she got bored, so I turned on a 20 minute video and she learned Chinese (really, she loves this cartoon where they teach the kids Chinese).

Not bad, just not the morning I expected.

And, if you were thinking, "My these photos look nice," they do!! They were taken with my new Christmas present! 

Even unedited, they look so much better than my old camera's pictures. It wasn't entirely my fault! Hooray!

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