Friday, December 02, 2011

December Daily

I've got a little daily journal for December and I'm trying to get pictures or memories put in for each day of the month.

I was having a rough day, yesterday. Gracie wouldn't sleep, Bailey stole food off the counter, and Brad got called out and was jeopardizing our weekend plans..... I wanted to take a picture of my middle finger to represent day 1, but I thought I should start on a better note.

I pulled out the Christmas decorations and took a picture of Gracie helping me test the lights. 

Here's my picture for December 1st:

And a few others that I took:

And December 2nd:

Perpetual motion. That describes this girl to a tee. 

And my others:

Looking a little like a Christmas elf?? She put her tiara on backwards, and it was poking her ears out.

Let's see what else I can capture this month. It should get more Christmas-y as the festivities start. 

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