Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Day 5

I missed Day 4... I have pictures, just not here.... A hint, we made gingerbread men and gingerbread houses, and Grams let the girls each decorate a little tree at her house. There should be some good pictures to show soon...

Yesterday's photo is of G and I picking out our Christmas tree. We go to IKEA every year and get one. They got a thousand trees in the night before, so we were up early to get it fresh!

Looks good, right??? It looks even better all puffed up.

Funny story of the day:

I let Gracie watch a 15 minute cartoon this morning so I could have a shower after strollersize without a little face pushed up against the glass. 

I came back into the room and Gracie told me all about the show. The cartoon was about a grasshopper who wanted to play all summer, instead of stockpiling food, like his friends.... we've all heard this story, but this was an interesting interpretation. This is what it sounded like:

"Grasshopper, no food." Very emphatically on 'no food.'

"No corn, no food!" looking at me sadly. 

"Grasshopper, no food." Again, very emphatically on 'no food.'

"Knock, knock, knock on door, but no food," I take this to mean his friends wouldn't share their supplies. 

"Grasshopper, no food, no corn." 

"Then, BAM!" Wait, what?

"BAM. No friends share. Grasshopper, no food." Hmmmm, I thought I could trust CBC. Not sure what really happened in the cartoon, but that was a twist I wasn't expecting and that's as much as she'd elaborate. Did the friends die? slam the door? Did a hunter appear and solve the problem? What was the bam???

If you've seen this cartoon, please fill me in on what I've exposed her to....

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