Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Day 4 and 6

Ha! Try keeping our days straight! I can't.

My mom sent me some pictures I can use for Day 4:

Everyone was involved in the cookie decorating (except Brandi who had to take William home for a nap).

There was a lot of sampling going on.....

but how can you blame them? Look at how good these guys look!

Some clean up, was required after a sprinkle bowl tipped, which Brad did effectively, while Gracie 'helped' and Papa watched.

 And we set up our tree last night, which is Day 6:

 Brad setting up the tree (which I think is one of our best trees EVER! Keep in mind, the branches haven't come down in these pictures, but they have in real life and it looks great. I was so happy with it. We got to IKEA just in time to pick from a new shipment of beautiful, green trees. Hooray!)

Gracie was delighted by this new addition to our playroom!

This evening, we decorate!

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