Monday, December 05, 2011

Christmas Blessings

We had a lot of worried people on Sunday. There was a shooting outside of Edmonton, and 2 ERT members were shot. Brad was not one of them. He was not even at the call. We were in Hanna for a Christmas party, so he did get called out, but he was too far away to attend.

Lucky me.

The two officers who were shot suffered 'minor' wounds, one was grazed by a bullet, and the other was shot in the arm. It broke his arm, but he's okay.

A little excitement pre-Christmas. Makes you count your blessings a little more emphatically.

Speaking of blessings, here are a few pictures of some of mine:

The Benedicts and their squirmy kids at the end of the Christmas party... why didn't we take this at the beginning of the night???

The Malackos. This was at the beginning of the night and I still had to merge two photos together to get one with all of us looking at the camera. You may notice my head is slightly larger than Brads....

The kids had fun with Santa. Gracie was really excited, Jada wasn't sure, and William was just wondering why on earth Santa would wear a Flames jersey.

Those are some pictures for Day 4 of my journal. 

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