Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Decorating Cookies

Gracie and I decorated all 8 dozen cookies today! Wowza!

She was very diligent at first. 

This is the exact moment she realized this was icing... Why was it going on the cookie when it could go  directly into her mouth??

Some of the finished masterpieces and the Cookie Artist.

Apron Buddies. Gracie tested the cookies and gave them a resounding "Deeelishous!'


 Batch two started off well.
 I convinced her not to lick the spatula and gave her a brush to paint on the icing.  

Then, I realized the icing was being painted on the counter. 

Gracie's beautiful, delicious cookies! Notice they are sprinkled with dinosaurs, race cars, and every colour of sprinkles under the rainbow. These are cookies for all seasons.

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