Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Beauty of Vellum

Vellum is a great addition to every scrapbook.

There are hundreds of techniques that you can use to incorporate this versatile paper into
your layouts, the following are just a few ideas to help get you started:

• A simple square of vellum overlay can ‘quieten’ a loud or busy pattern.

• Journaling on vellum can add texture and a subtle layering effect to layouts (make sure you give the ink ample time to dry).

• A piece of vellum placed over the background of a photo can help focus attention on the subject.

• Torn vellum is a good way to add dimension to your page, without adding bulk.

• Crumple a bit of vellum and then flatten it with an iron (carefully) or press it in a book. This gives the vellum a unique crackle finish.

However you use it, you'll love the finished product. Vellum is a simple way to step up your scrapbooks.


Anonymous said...

Kelly i didn't read what vellum is but i think I would like ribbons for my wedding invitations...

The Savvy Scrapbooker said...

Vellum is a clear paper that is often used in wedding invitations as an overlay. My own invitations had a sheet of vellum with all of the wedding details placed overtop of a picture of myself and my husband.

As for ribbons, I love them. Use them to tie envelopes closed, as borders or as embellishments as you see fit.