Saturday, February 11, 2006

Tie One On

My favourite scrapbooking element of the moment is ribbons.

They are so fun to play with and add dimension and character to page layouts.

The best part??

They're dirt cheap, if you even pay for them.

Now, in saying that, I'm not promoting shoplifting. I'm not saying, "it's small, so pocket it." There are just lots of great places to find ribbon out there that you may not think to look.

Ribbons can be found at garage sales, sale bins at craft stores, or even in your own basement (remember what you used to tie in your hair?? Bet you still have some).

Tie a few on to a page to see how they can balance elements or bring focus to a picture. A few ribbons held in place by a brad or a staple or even sewn in place can make your pages so much fuller.

You can also use ribbons to 'hang' photos on your pages. Try using ribbons as ready-to-use borders, or add ribbons to a tag.

Play with it.

Tie one on.

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