Thursday, February 09, 2006


Wire is a very versatile element that can be added to any page.

Most craft stores carry a variety of coloured wires of all thicknesses, but ordinary wire you find laying around the house works as well (just make sure it’s not hooked up to something).

Whatever wire you use, be aware of sharp, jagged edges. They can damage photos or puncture holes in your page protectors, if they’re not filed down properly.

Wire is so easy to manipulate you’ll literally find hundreds of uses.

Here are a few:

• Run a piece of wire through a paper crimper for a new, wavy look (place the wire between two pieces of paper to protect your crimper).

• Fold it into any number of designs: flowers, leaves, curly-cues, any simple shape that would add to your layout is at your fingertips when you have wire on hand.

• Use wire to make a page title. It’s remarkably easy to turn wire into beautiful cursive.

• ‘Hang’ elements using wire.

• String beads on wire to make a 3-D border for photos or entire layouts.

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mary white said...

How do you make curves in wires, without bending the wire and getting kinks??

The Savvy Scrapbooker said...

A great tool to keep curves smooth is to wrap the wire around a pencil or anything round. The curves look polished, not bumpy.