Thursday, February 16, 2006

Time Saving Tips

Scrapbookers are always looking for more time.

A few extra minutes to finish a project.

An evening to learn a new technique, or take a class.

A weekend with nothing planned, where you could really attack the ever-growing pile of pictures on your desk.

Sometimes these moments are hard to come by. Make sure that you milk every minute of your scrapbooking time with a few of these time saving tips.

• jot down some ideas

Keep pads of paper handy and scribble down design ideas while you're on the phone or as they come to you throughout the day. You'll have a layout design ready to go the next time you sit down to scrap. Don't forget about those cute things your dog does or something your husband says that always makes you smile. Record your daily thoughts or special events in a book for quick and easy journaling.

• keep your supplies handy

Convert a spare room into a scrapbooking zone where you can keep supplies and projects readily available. This eliminates at least ten minutes of searching and gives you more time to spend with your addiction...err, hobby.

• do a few layouts using one technique

For some reason, I can't help but scrapbook in chronological order. I like to start at the top and work my way through to the bottom. However, the quickest way to get things done is to pull a few pictures out and use the same layout, or if you're using a specific technique, use it twice, apply it to both pages. This way, you're only taking the tools out once and getting twice as much done.
note: If you use scrapbooks with top-loading page protectors, you can easily shuffle pages around as you go.

Any of these ideas can keep you scrapbooking and help you avoid wasting precious time with preparation or the oh-so-common scrapper's block.

Once you find a way to spend more time scrapbooking and less time getting ready to scrapbook, you'll enjoy your hobby even more.


Anonymous said...

Well, you are a very crafty gal, but you sure are a nerd! Don't you have a job?

Anonymous said...

Just kidding, I am only jealous of your creative ability! Keep up the savvy!

Jessie D said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA Kelly. Your name is scrapbook savy? You are HARDCORE!!!

I love it