Monday, February 20, 2006

Too Many Pictures!!

My husband and I look like tourists everywhere we go.

We have a wide array of cameras (both digital and 35mm) as well as a video camera which we like to carry around on every hike we go on, every walk we take with our puppy, every event which may provide us with a few magical 'Kodak Moments' we like so much.

For those of you out there who share our love of photos and are stuck trying to play catch up all the time with your scrapbooking, have I got a deal for you.

You don't have to limit yourself and only scrapbook a few pictures, even though there are six really good pictures or lock yourself in a room with scrapbooking supplies and food for a week to try and scrapbook a single event that you went a little crazy at. Use them all on one layout.

Say what??!!

You heard me.

There are so many creative ways to use up a big group of photos and still have time left over to tackle other projects.

Try to keep a focal point on your page. This is still an important design practice.

Keep one photo slightly larger than the others to keep pages from looking cluttered. This will keep people viewing your layout from getting overloaded trying to take it all in.

Keeping that in mind, have fun with it. Here are a few techniques I like to use:

Try to 'hide' photos or journaling under another photo. Use hinges, and have the top photo open like shutters to reveal another, smaller photo underneath.

Trim secondary photos (those not as captivating as your main picture) tightly, so they are quite small. These can be used on tags or even in a photo collage.

Make your embellishments out of photos. Trim someone's funny face out of a picture and use it as the centre of a flower or cut out a few elements from photos to use as a border.

Have fun with it, but do be careful not to overdue it. Clutter is not good.

Keep the focus on your photos and your design clean.

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