Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Big elements

Sometimes the best things in life are BIG!

Instead of using a few smaller embellishments on each page layout, mix it up with one, solitary element.

Use the new big brads or one big flower on your pages. Have an oversized tag on your page for journaling or to decorate as an embellishment.

Not only embellishments look good big. Have one big, central photo on your page or use big letters for your titles.

You're probably thinking, if everything is bigger, my scrapbook will have to be bigger, too.

Not so.

You really only want one or two big elements on your page.

Make a few letters of your title larger than the others.

Have one large brad on your page and if you need more, use a few smaller ones.

Have one large element on your oversized tags.

Too many big elements make your pages look cluttered and messy.

Keep it simple, but feel free to play with it.

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