Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Better Backgrounds

One of the most often overlooked element of a scrapbook page is the background.

Most people set one piece of paper as their background and start adding elements, without spending anytime on the backdrop for their whole page.

Spend a little time on your backgrounds every once in a while to keep your pages looking fresh and to keep your scrapbook more interesting.

Here are a few ideas to try:

Tear a sheet of paper ( or use a skinny scrap) to use as a border along one edge of your background paper. (top, bottom, left, or right, use them all).

Sew a bunch of jagged scraps together for a pieced look.

Place a slightly smaller paper over top of your background page to create a thin border around your layout. Bonus Tip: Tear the smaller paper's edges for dimensional impact.

Overlap scraps to create a collage look. Bonus Tip: Make sure the patterns aren't all really busy. One dominant pattern is perfect.

Make sure you try to always bring new elements to each of your layouts. It will keep people turning the pages and wanting to see more.

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