Monday, March 13, 2006

The Wonders of Distressing Ink

Distressing ink is a wonderful tool to add character and depth to your page layouts.

Great for old time photos or collage pages, this technique accentuates layered pages, giving your layouts a much more dimensional appearance, with hardly any work.

The new distressing inks are so easy to use, you don't even need an applicator. Simply turn the ink pad upside down and blot it on any element you choose.

Use it on:
• the edges of pages

• each different layer of a tag or embellishment

• edges of photos

• your entire layout for an all over antique look

If you're looking for a stronger technique than just blotting, try incorporating other elements.

• stamp designs onto your background or directly onto your photos

• ink over a strip of mesh, then peal off for a unique grid design

• crumple a pice of paper into a ball (careful not to rip it) and then roll the ball over the ink pad pressing gently (the finished, uncrumpled product will have jagged ink lines crisscrossing it's surface).

If any one of these method appeals to you, make sure you encorporate this great tool into your scrapbooking repertoire. You'll love what distressing ink can do for your layouts.

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