Friday, March 17, 2006

Cardstock 101

Cardstock is a staple to most scrapbookers.

A heavy-weight paper that can be used to mat photos or create embellishments, cardstock is perfect for those jobs that need to be sturdy.

Most often used in card-making, because of it's strength, cardtsock is a terrific medium to work with.

It is easy to bend, fold, curl, or cut cardstock without worrying about tearing or damaging the paper.

Simply tearing cardstock is an excellent way to showcase the strength and versatility of this paper.

Tearing cardstock is also a great framing technique as torn cardstock is the same colour, top and bottom, and will not leave you with a white edge, as patterned paper will.

These exposed raw edges can be chalked or antiquated, using distressed ink to accentuate the roughness and dimension.

Cardstock is also a perfect medium for stamping, painting, or embossing, as the density of the paper stops warping.

These are simple and fun ways to make your own patterns on plain cardstock.

Cardstock can be bought in a variety of sizes, but only comes in solid colours, there are no patterns available.

While there are no patterns available in cardstock weight paper, there are a wide variety of colours. Finding a cardstock colour to coordinate with any patterned paper you may be using is quite easy.

The combination of heavy and light weight paper make the finished layout a thing of beauty.

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