Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Get Creative With Photo Corners

Scrapbooking has long since evolved above and beyond the days of adhering photos to black paper with black photo corners and a few words written in gold or silver gel pens.

There are so many new options in the world of scrapbooking, that page layouts are fast evolving into an artform.

The more creative the better.

So why would I suggest a return to photo corners??

Well, like scrapbooking, photo corners have come along way.

You can now buy different colours of the classic photo corners, as well as corner stickers with all kinds of designs and textures to use in place of the classic, somewhat dated, black photo corners.

Not only are there lots of options on the market, there are plenty of ways to make your own unique corner embellishments.

• cut some of your own paper into even triangles to use as corners (extra tip: tearing the longest edge of the triangle gives a little extra dimension to your corners)

• embellish corners with die-cut shapes or punches

• stamp directly onto the corners of your photos (extra tip: add embossing powder for a really dramatic look)

• embellish those basic black photo corners you have on hand with stamps, punches, gel pens, or embossing ink

• use the corners to do one word journaling (use gel pens or computer software to do the writing)

• use brads, buttons, or eyelets as photo corners

The possibilities really are endless. Why not explore a few options and see how you can add colour and dimension to your scrapbook pages by simply expanding upon an old favourite?

Note: If you click on this article's title, you will be taken to an Adobe document that explains how to create digital photo corners. This allows you to design photo corners that will perfectly match your page layout, be it digital or otherwise.

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