Sunday, March 12, 2006

Fun With Beads

The greatest thing about beads is that you can use them on anything.

They go with any layout, and depending on the colours, size, and shape of the beads, they can help you set the perfect mood for your scrapbook page.

Simply string a few beads and attach them to journaling blocks, dangle them from pictures, sew them on a photo mat, or sprinkle them randomly as quick embellishments.

The most important part is proper fastening. Make sure those beads are secure!!

Nobody likes to pick up a scrapbook and have a shower of tiny beads hit their feet.

"No, it's not a big deal, I promise."

Very uncomfortable.

To avoid that, make sure they're firmly fastened with a very durable adhesive, string, or wire, before you hand your scrapbook over to admirers.

A great tip to save money on beads is to raid your drawers before you go shopping.

No, don't unstring your grandmother's pearls, but try to incorporate that bracelet that roke ten years ago that you swore you'd fix.

Why not forget about the hassle (were you really going to fix it anyway?) and add a piece of you to your layouts.

If the forgotten jewelery had some memories attached to it, even better! Add the memories to your journaling. Make a note of how your life has changed since then or where you found it.

Beads are a great way to add dimension, character, and colour to your layouts.

Experiment with a few techniques and let beads be the next embellishment to adorn your scrapbook.

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