Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sneaky Journaling Tips

Journaling is usually the last thing scrapbooker's think about when they're creating their layouts.

When all the pictures are in place and the layout is nearly complete, they think, now where can I add a few words about these pictures??

Well, even if this sounds all to familiar, there are a few tricks to sneak your thoughts onto a page full of pictures.

One of my favourite tricks is to slide your journaling behind photos, leaving a small 'pull tab' revealed.

It's a little hard to see in this picture, but there are three pull tabs on this layout. They slide in easily behind photos and create journaling space where there was previously no room.

This way, you can still squeeze all of those pictures in and write a few words about each one.

One of the greatest benefits about this method is that you can direct your journaling to a specific picture.

You can relay how each face your dog makes reveals his different moods or you can link every different feature on your baby to a family member.

Another tip is to hide a journaling block behind a photo that is fastened with hinges, so you can lift it up to reveal what you've written.

This is a good way to incorporate a lot of journaling into your layout.

Also, if your journaling is sentimental, this is a good way to ensure that not everyone who flips through your scrapbook will read it. People will only see it if they choose to lift the picture.

Try adding an accordion-style journaling book to your layouts.

This way, you can have unlimited journaling, and still have room for other elements.

It also adds dimension and character to your layout.

There's always room to add a bit of journaling.

Every page can accommodate a few written words, and they help keep your memories fresh in your mind, no matter how long it's been.

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