Friday, March 10, 2006

Combining Hobbies

I have to admit, scrapbooking is my main hobby.

I love to scrapbook; could spend all day with photos, papers, scissors, and the rest of my amazing scrapbooking supplies.

I'd spread out all over the kitchen table and spill out onto coffee tables, computer desks, and any flat surface that could be quickly adapted into scrapbooking space.

But, even though my scrapping, hobby is one of my favourite past-times, I do have other interests.

Most of my interests are reflected in my photos: baseball, hiking, my puppy, my husband, skiing, friends, family, the list goes on and on.

The best part of scrapbooking is the lack of boundaries.

Why not encorporate all of my hobbies into my layouts? I can add them to any page and fire up my brain's creativity.

Some ideas of hobbies you can incorporate into your scrapbooks are:

• painting - everything from small elements to entire pages can be created with a few artistic brush strokes

• origami - a delicate folded flower or animal is a great embellishment for scrapbooks and if you have paper, you all ready have everything you need

• quilting - from intricate paper pieced projects to quilted flowers or titles, stitching is a great way to add character to a page (it's also a very simple and decorative way to attach elements)

• decoupage - you can use decoupage to attach delicate items like dried flowers or use it as a quick way to add a little extra shine to an element.

• calligraphy - journaling, titles, embellishments, etc.

• interior design - use your hobby for colour or textural inspiration on your layouts

• music - encorporate song lyrics into your journaling

Whatever your hobby, embrace it!

Scrapbooking has no borders, no boundaries, and no rules.

Experiment, create, and enjoy.

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