Friday, March 03, 2006

Chalk it up!

There are so many uses for simple childhood tools in scrapbooking. It really is a chance to escape to childhood days of cut and paste.

Chalk is one of the best tools to take with you out of your childhood, and into your scrapbooking supplies.

Cheap, colourful, and malleable, chalk can be used in any number of ways to spice up your layouts.

If your pages are starting to look a little bland, chalk is a great way to make elements stand out.

It's easy to over-coordinate your papers so that elements blend into your page layouts: chalk is the key to achieving seperation.

• Rub some chalk around the edges of smaller elements or the letters in your titles to help them stand out on busy backgrounds.

You can also use chalk to create beautiful, unique page accents.

• By grinding chalk into fine dust and sprinkling it onto a page, you can create a one of a kind splatter design.

This works good for painting pictures or pictures of messy kids, pets, etc.)

• For a great watercolour look, use a soft sponge ( a makeup sponge works great) to blend the spots together.

This look is perfect for sunrise or sunset pictures.

However you choose to use it, chalk is a great addition to every scrapbooker's toolbox.

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