Saturday, February 04, 2006

Your Photos in the Spotlight

The best way to call attention to you photographic prowess is to make sure that your best photo is in the spotlight.

An easy way to make this happen is to save the most room for your favourite shot.

Having one photo on a layout that's bigger than all the others automatically draws your eye. This helps break up the monotony of 4x6 photos and keeps your layouts looking unique.

This doesn't mean you have to blow-up huge replicas of your photos (you can, but it can get expensive). To achieve this look, you can crop some of the other photos in your layout to keep the focus on your favourite.

One large photo can be balanced by a few smaller pictures on the same layout.

Also, change it up sometimes. If you always use three photos per page, shake it up a bit. Try a page with only one photo, or use five or six smaller photos (remember to still have one photo slightly larger than the others).

Another quick fix is using photo mats or embellishments to draw your eye.

Using a different paper to mat your favourite snapshot can draw your eye as well or you can use the same paper, but tear the edges or crimp it.

Simple embellishments, such as fibres or embossing, can add a great deal to a layout and set apart a special picture.

However you decide to do it, highlighting one picture per layout will focus the eye and keep your layouts fresh.

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