Friday, September 12, 2008

2 new stamps in our passports...

We left Venice last night and took a night train through Slovenia and into Croatia. This required two passport checks within about 20 minutes, kinda overkill, but fattening up our passports none the less.

We crossed over into Zagreb, Croatia's capital and took another train to Split, in southern Croatia. The train ride was absolutely beautiful. One of the best of the trip so far: rolling hills covered in fall foliage and meeting rock jut-outs of grey and red. Lots of skinny strips of corn fields and quaint pumpkin patches. Quite spectacular.

We're in Split now and are enjoying a bit of a relaxing day, enjoying the town and perhaps catching up on some sleep...

So, here's a few quick shots from Split today:

And a catch up of Venice:

The canals of Venice.

You're two super travellers, covering Europe in record time.

Hungry, yet? I wish I could bring you all home some pasta and goodies.

Ah, yes, and Nice, France. Yep, we've been to four countries in three days, we are super travellers.

Did I mention we've seen a few famous folks?? Not Brad and Angelina... but close. We saw Rick Springfield (don't pretend you haven't heard Jessie's Girl...) at the Vatican and the old lady from There's Something About Mary. We saw her on the beach in Nice. Not pretty.

Until next time.


Katelyn said...

Kelly that is sooo not fair! I want to come with you guys!


Mdogg said...

The venice pics are great! Actually they all are. This should provide you with years of scrapbooking stock!
Sounds like you're having a blast - happy travels!!