Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dober Dan!

Dober Dan! (Good day)

We're in Croatia still. Spent a few days in Dubrovnik (south), then on to Zadar (west) and we're in Plitvice Lakes National Park (central) tonight.

We don't have a ton of time to spend on the computer so the next update will have more pictures. We've actually run into some chillier weather (even had to pull out the jeans tonight) but we're looking for sunshine tomorrow.

Hope everyone's well.

Brandi and Curtis, any news on the baby??
Grampa, out of the hospital? Feeling better?
Auntie Linda, we got some seeds for you, but I don't know how they'll work...
Kieron, I tried the risotto in Dubrovnik, but couldn't find the octopus ink variety... my plain old vegetarian version was tasty however.

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Anonymous said...

No news on the baby yet but it could be a while. We will keep you informed.