Saturday, September 06, 2008

La Spezia

We're here in La Spezia, on the Northwestern coast of Italy, today.

We just hiked 12km up and down stairs in the burning Italian heat in the Cinque Terre National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Quite possibly the best day of the trip so far, even though it probably doesn't sound fun.

We hiked between five villages that are all perched on the cliffs along the ocean and connected by stone steps, wineries, olive groves and bamboo patches. It was nice to stop in the villages for a quick swim in the ocean to refresh (Our first glimpse of the ocean...)

Brad was happy that we passed 'a ton' of people and never got passed ourselves and even invited me to join Team Awesome, huh, I thought I was all ready on the team.

Yesterday, we left Florence and stopped in Pisa for a quick picture of the tower. It was so nice to just jump off the train, walk across town and take a few pictures and do a bit of exploring and then get back on the train to La Spezia. We're getting much better at using the trains.

These are a few pictures we took in Florence that we didn't include last time.

and, we're a little late, I think, but Happy Belated Birthday Dad Higginson! Hope it was great.

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Christy & Ted said...

Wow! that's all we can say.

Your photos are fantastic...and it looks like you are having a fabulous time. It is fun to be able to vicariously live one of our dream journeys through your posts.