Thursday, September 25, 2008

Island Hopping

We enjoyed four whole days on Santorini. Rest, relaxation, exploring, it was splendid.

We took a day to explore more of the island and it's surroundings by boat. Our first stop was a volcano just off the island, aptly named Vulcano, which we hiked all over and checked out the five craters that you can see from the surface. There are spots where you can put your hand in holes and feel the heat radiating through the lava rocks that form the 'island' even though this volcano is sleeping.

We then took a dip in the therapeutic waters off the coast, which are a natural hot springs created by the heat of the volcano. Quite lovely. It was like the Dead Sea, so thick with salt and sulphur, which took a few washings to remove.

We then headed to another small island where we stopped for lunch and a quick hike up the steps from the port to reach the towns that lie atop the cliffs.

Lastly, we headed to Oia (pronounced Ee-ah) to watch the sunset. Magnificient.

Oh yes, and we took donkeys up to the town from the port. Quite an adventure, with the narrow, switchbacking steps which you must take. The height you get from being on a donkey's back, just allows you to peer over the walls and see your eminent death.

Otherwise, we've been eating and drinking, touring the towns and enjoying the island life.

This afternoon, we took a quick flight to Rhodes Island and are exploring Rhodes City. Tomorrow, we head for Turkey!


Anonymous said...

Hi B & K: Looks like your seeing lots of stuff. Bailey's doing fine - he tries to play with Sophie but she won't have much to do with him. Tucker comes over and gives him all the play time he can use. Be careful in Turkey. D:) and G/M

The Savvy Scrapbooker said...

Glad to hear Bailey is getting along with the other dogs well. Hope he's not too much of a pain. We'll be back to take him off you're hands soon.

Hope you are doing well. We're ın Turkey now, and ıt's going well, but neither Brad nor I were meant to barter....