Thursday, September 04, 2008

Quick Check in..

I know it hasn't been long since our last post, but we have free internet available to us, so more updates...

We're now in Florence. Took the train from Rome this morning and saw some beautiful countryside along the way. We used our rail pass for the first time which was a little exciting. Eleven minutes before the train arrived we learned that we had to get our passes stamped, which meant we had to wait in a long line up at the ticket booth. We sweet talked our way up the line (which is impressive because so far Italians haven't been wildly friendly) and ran to the train with our huge packs with about a minute to spare. Then, we got off at the wrong train station in Florence.... we're learning.

We visited the Duomo, a few plazas, tons of monuments and statues, a beautiful old bridge, and a rose garden, which had no roses, but had an excellent view of downtown Florence (which is called Firenze here in Italy, another difficulty on the train). Unfortunately, we can't upload pictures from this computer, so you'll have to wait for the next post.

We've walked all over Florence and had an excellent meal again tonight, wine and pasta and vegetables (vegetables, how exotic) and swordfish. Quite good. We are now heading out to a festival downtown and then back to get some of the gelatto we eyed up earlier in the day.

Hope you're all doing well. Any baby news yet, Brandi and Curtis?

P.S. Brad says at the going pace of site seeing, he'll need a vacation from his vacation. Luckily, we have some relaxation time in the books in the next couple of days.

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