Monday, September 22, 2008

Santorini is the place for me...

We arrived in Greece via a ferry from Italy a few days ago. If you're following on a map, that means we went from Zagreb in Croatia, back to Venice, down the Eastern border of Italy, caught a ferry from Bari to Patras, then a bus to Athens. Whew. Lots of travelling, but the ferries are actually kinda neat. Great big ferry boats with rooms and restaurants and casinos and pools and shops, and all you do is sit there (or sleep) while you head to your next destination.

We spent two nights in Athens and saw the Acropolis, which is fantastic, as well as the Temple of Zeus, and a number of other monuments.

There are ruins here everywhere, but the spectacular part is that they're built high up on 'mountains' in praise of the Gods, so you can see them from everywhere in Athens. We ate supper at a rooftop restaurant from which you could see the Acropolis all lit up for the night. Quite magnificent. \

Now, we're on the island of Santorini, off the coast of Greece. It is perfect here. Exactly what you see in your mind, when you see Greece. White washed buildings with blue arched roofs and beaches that stretch as far as you an see. Perfect.

Plus, the food in Greece is phenomenal. We've had so many Greek specialties, and they've all been great. Moussaka, tzatziki sauce, vine leaves, gyros, greek salad and yogourt and so much more....mmmmmm.

The beaches in Kamari (the village we're staying in) are all black because of the volcanic eruptions that have shaped the history of the island. It's quite beautiful actually, to see the deep blue of the ocean washing upon the black pebbles of the beach.

We hiked up to the top of a 'mountain' on the island for a better view of things and took a shot of the village we're staying in. We hiked over the other side to the next village for lunch and back today in just a few hours. It's a big island in comparison to all of the islands that surround Greece, but it's still small enough to see two coastlines at a time, easily. 132 km squared to be exact.

A few days of rest and relaxation here are quite appealing. Thanks to Martin and Keri for the hotel recommendation as well. What a great spot!

Wish you were here.

Congrats to Matt and Rea, I hear the wedding was fantastic. And Uncle Charlie, so sorry we missed the big birthday. We'll celebrate when we get back!

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